The Chair

The intelligent furniture doesn´t give the answer; it simply asks the user a question”. The project studies the way of using and everyday objetct, the chair - morphology, use, function, structure and interaction with the user. Rational and irrational uses, humanization of the object, theories in relation to the space and practical exercises that teach how to work with the body, if the object doesn´t exist. The function is maintained, but the shape changes. (Text by Gdynia Design Days catalogue)

The tool: Kandinsky´s theories.

Photo: Overload Exhibition, Gdynia Design Days Curated by Dorota Stepniak

Exhibited in COAM curated by Madrid Design Festival, 2017, Madrid, Spain


Exhibited in Gdynia Design Days, curated by Dorota Stepniak, 2017, Gdynia, Poland