Reflexion study

Container object is born of reflection on the social reification of women, creating a literary comparison between two beings who have been canceled. Woman and flower."The being that saw the beauty and power of the flower. He decided to contemplate it and appropriate it to expose and enjoy it, being aware or not being aware of, cut off its root and caused the death of the beautiful flower. That same thing happened on the day when that same being, cancel his wife of his greatest virtues and exposed her, showing her without choice or decision as a relic of his property.

The piece exhibits the visual concept, but not the being. It frames femininity, apparently deifying the woman, but exposes her immobility and uncomfortability with her legs spread. Focusing attention on the two most revered feminine characteristics, their beauty, and their reproductive capacity.

Exhibited in Mujer, Florero

Dimad, Matadero, Madrid 2019 Spain.

Curated by Teresa Fernandez Pello y Claudia Paredes
Art Direction & Graphic Design by Nina Muro

"This reflection generates a container piece that exposes a being, being that is reified until creating an aesthetic element that is contemplated for its beauty”