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Besides a tribute, it is also conceived as a criticism of the few female references throughout the history of design. Deconstructing it to abstract its form, leaving only the soul, gives rise to a social criticism about common, figurative and stipulated forms and how society perceives them and rejects them from their daily lives if these forms do not fall within their normality.

Rejecting these different forms to the point of granting the uselessness to a being or object useful.

Study about the shapes, the visual tension and balance.

Exhibited in Sisters curated by Sanna Völker, Ox Gallery, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain

Exhibited in IKB 191 curated by Marta Valea, 2019 in Madrid, Spain

Deconstruction of LC4, inspired by the first stage of Charlotte Perriand, with a frozen aesthetic and machinist, using techniques and industrialized materials.