chair 0

Study about the standardized shapes and the function, irrational and intuitive use.

Collaboration with Elvira from Grazie Studio.

The Chair

The intelligent furniture doesn´t give the answer; it simply asks the user a question”. The project studies the way of using and everyday objetct, the chair - morphology, use, function, structure and interaction with the user. Rational and irrational uses, humanization of the object, theories in relation to the space and practical exercises that teach how to work with the body, if the object doesn´t exist. The function is maintained, but the shape changes. (Text by Gdynia Design Days catalogue)

The tool: Kandinsky´s theories.

Photo: Overload Exhibition, Gdynia Design Days Curated by Dorota Stepniak

Exhibited in COAM curated by Madrid Design Festival, 2017, Madrid, Spain


Exhibited in Gdynia Design Days, curated by Dorota Stepniak, 2017, Gdynia, Poland

Reading seat

Besides a tribute, it is also conceived as a criticism of the few female references throughout the history of design. Deconstructing it to abstract its form, leaving only the soul, gives rise to a social criticism about common, figurative and stipulated forms and how society perceives them and rejects them from their daily lives if these forms do not fall within their normality.

Rejecting these different forms to the point of granting the uselessness to a being or object useful.

Study about the shapes, the visual tension and balance.

Exhibited in Sisters curated by Sanna Völker, Ox Gallery, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain

Exhibited in IKB 191 curated by Marta Valea, 2019 in Madrid, Spain

Deconstruction of LC4, inspired by the first stage of Charlotte Perriand, with a frozen aesthetic and machinist, using techniques and industrialized materials. 

The figurative is abstracted and the new forms appear as an extension of the body. These are related, through the search for protection, as a tool of support and rest caused by an instability.

Study of the humanization of shapes

The prototype was exhibited in Mujer, Objeto.
It is a collective exhibition that shows the work of 17 emerging women in the fields of design, architecture and plastic arts, with diverse practices around the creation of objects.

Exhibited in Mujer, Objeto curated by Teresa Fernandez Pello y Claudia Paredes, Casabanchel, 2018 in Madrid, Spain

Collaboration with the photographer Ana Vázquez and María Vela.

Something to wait for Something.

Exercise to understand how the body reacts to the waiting. Study to know the behavior of the body.